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Gain confidence to charge your worth and impress your clients from the very first phone call. My simplified, yet super effective bundle package includes:

  • Defined Design Process
  • Email Templates
  • Drafted emails
  • An easy to follow process flow chart – all from the discovery call to the end of the initial consultation meeting
  • Letter or Agreement (LOA) templates, one for hourly services and another for design packages. Watch me explain in a step by step walk through video details of how to present your LOA and how to communicate the terms confidently to your clients.
  • Design Presentation ( what your prersentation must include)
  • Installation ( what you must have on every install)
  • How to get client reviews to grow your business
  • Client follow ups


Why re-invent the wheel with every new client or fly by the seat of your pants with new templates and forms with each consultation meeting? Gain more confidence & get organized NOW. 


The time and stress you will save yourself by getting super organized, super fast, is invaluable.


How to Build and Grow an Interior Design Business

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  •  If you have dreams of running your own successful interior design firm but not sure where to start this webinar is perfect for you. I have broken down the whole design process. I will be sharing with you the logistics of running a design business. I have spent so many sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and tears building and growing just to save you time, energy, and money in the long run! I know what you are thinking " Wow this girls heaven sent" and yes you are correct!


    You will leave this webinar with confidence to charge your worth. Clear understanding and direction for the interior design process. Take my tools and procedures to perfect your own systems and processes. It is my gift and privilege to share the knowledge I've obtain through my experiences which lead me to where I am today! 


    I encourage you to take that leap of faith and invest in your future. Its 2020 and we are no longer waiting on things to happen for us! We are taking the steps to secure the bag! Which means spending money to make money! Don't let anyone or anything come between the life you desire even your fears or doubts! If this is really what you want here is your opportunity. Lets finish out the first quarter of the year strong. 

     I will provide you with the essential tools to land your ideal client. You will learn how to develop a solid foundation that will allow you to build the framework for a successful interior design business. My proven strategies will help you seal the deal!  

    We will discuss:

    the break down of the design process, inquiries, initial consultation; partnering with contractors, vendors and trades; writing contracts and modifications; delivering materials, installation, pricing services and design budgets; documenting.

  • All sales are final. Thank you for your business. 

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