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In order to save you time in the Admin Department, I have complied drafted emails and templates to save you time and energy while you focus on the other million and one things that comes with being a business owner! We have simplified almost every email response. We have perfected our verbiage to best enage you with the clients. Our templates will make the design process that much smoother. This package will ensure your business stays organized and professional.


Handouts include

Drafted Emails:
  • Initial Contact Email
  • Client Homework
  • Client Homework Received
  • Consultation Confirmation
  • Client Follow Up
  • No Payment / No Client HW
  • Homework Received/ Dyemond Designs Welcome Package ( Wow Your Clients before the sign)
  • Special Occassion


PDF Templates

  • Credit Memo
  • Cient Questionaire 
  • Itemized Shopping List
  • Installation checklist
  • Client Evaluation


Business Starter Pack (Documents)

SKU: 366615376135191
  • Client Agreement and Invoice Missing Client HW:Payment Shopping list Special Occasion Template Initial Contact Email Client Homework Template Client Intake Form (Questionnaire) Expense Report

  • All sales are final. Thank you for your business.

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